Job Hunting!

July 21, 2008

AWRIGHT! I’m fourteen now! I wanna work!


I’m Tired.

July 18, 2008

As in, insanely exhausted. I’ve been working on my double-entry journal (The Bean Trees! Out of all the books I could have homework for, they choose the longest, most boring book they can find!) DDDDDD: . It’s REALLY EXHAUSTING WORK. TEEEEEERRIBLY EXHAUSTING.

I was going to type a lot, but I want to finish this by 12. (; Bbl !

Like .. yesterday.

Hm, I don’t know if I should write about this on my wordpress, because most of the people that read this don’t interact with me in a personal way; it’s just happy, cute, sweet talk and singing. I’m in a blogging mood, though, and sometimes xanga just doesn’t cut it.

Yesterday was one of the loneliest days I’ve experienced in a while. :/ It was my five month anniversary with my boyfriend; we’ll call him ‘Fool’ for now. Fool’s in Vietnam vacationing with his family right now, and I miss him like crazy. He’s not coming back until August 3rd, and even then I’m not sure when I’m going to see him next. I don’t even know whether or not we’re going to the same high school next year, although he assures me that he is.

Fool and I have a very, very long history together. We met in fifth grade. (= I used to pinch him all the time. Hahah, he claims that he liked me back then. (x ‘Back then’ as in when I used to think that overalls were DA BOMB, & wore turtlenecks and thick jackets on hot days. What a loser! 🙂 I liked him ‘back then,’ too, but we didn’t know that until eighth grade. This year! Or last year, whichever way that you want to look at it.

In eighth grade, we had two classes together: Geometry and History. He was smarter than me in both classes! D: We somehow started talking on AIM again, and right about when the Halloween dance rolled around.. I dunno. I guess the spark ‘reignited.’ Hahah, what a cheesy term to use! This whole blog is cheesy, though, so who cares ? (= I got closer to him, and the closer I got, the closer I wanted to be. It took me crazy-long to tell him how I felt, but it took him even longer. Whaaatta fool.

Finally, after three and a half months, he asked me out. (x The day after Valentine’s Day! ❤ We’ve been together ever since. I know that it seems like just another silly teenage romance to some, but we’ve been through a lot together, especially the drama that happened a few months after we got together. I’d rather not talk about it, though. We’ll just leave it at the fact that both he and I made a lot of mistakes.

After all is said and done, though, I’m extremely grateful (and happy!) that he decided to stick with me through it all. I hope that we can stay together forever, & turn it into a silly romance instead of just a teen one. (= I love you, Fool! Forever&ever.

‘I’m Willing’

July 16, 2008

Alright. So lately, Eva’s been getting me into Super Junior (or, well, Super Junior M.) I’ve gotten really attached! Especially to Hankyung and Eunhyuk. (I thought they were the same person at first. .____. Rawr, Kathy!) Both of them are absolutely ADORABLE! They’re also really sincere. 🙂 I’d embed a ton of videos for you to watch, but I’m too lazy. (x I’ll leave that stuff to Eva!

I’ll only embed this video:

AAHH! O: HANKYUNG~! Isn’t he the most adorable/sweet thing ever? (x Hankyung cries at the end O: . From what I can tell, the song represents how he feels about his fans, and vice versa. And and and! Before that, the host of the show gave a speech about Hankyung’s dream to come home, & how it finally came true. ;_________; Aahh, he’s so adorable! *fangirlsquisshyhuggleee*

Aaand, this one !

EEEYAAAAHHHH OOOOOOOOO: Ryeowook and Eunhyuk got tricked by Shindong (And partly Heechul. And Kangin!) into crying. (x Eunhyuk’s speech was so touching. D: Even though I knew that it was a prank, when I watched that, I started crying too! ;__; Ryeowook was awesome! Even though he didn’t notice that they were collecting his tears..LOL 😀 I thought this was a mean prank, but still.. ;_____; So cutecutecutecutecute.

I blame this post on Eva. 🙂 All her fangirl posts finally rubbed off on me, I guess. HAHAH. Although I’ll never be as good at fangirling as her, because I’m not used to it. & I skip around to raaandom topics. 😀 Hahah.

L-O-V-E, LOVELY Ka-athy.(:

November 18, 2007

Rawrrkathy/Kathy here.[: This is my first post omg superexcitement?

Well, idk. I guess this is going to be about things I discover or learn on my way to world domination high school. [: Possibly after.

I’ll update when I’m not swamped with homework.<3